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Wood Recycling – Buffalo

Wood Recycling Buffalo Did you know that about 32% of all construction and demolition waste (C&D) is wood? This is a lot of wood that accumulates around the world whenever a project is underway.  With our forests and rain forests being slowly depleted, we want to make sure we can save as much of this…

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House Clean Out Recycling

Home Clean Outs Buffalo NY House Clean Out Recycling If you are moving out, remodeling, clearing a family estate, or just doing a major spring cleaning you will be interested in how to get rid of all of your stuff.  Rather than just putting piles out to the curb for the trash pickup consider eco-friendly…

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Oil Absorbent Material

Oil Absorbent Material At Triad Recycling and Energy we are now manufacturing an Oil Absorbent Material named GypDry. Compared to other brands GypDry is a cleaner, more environmentally friendly oil absorbent that is made out of 100% recycled Gypsum Drywall. Painted drywall can not be recycled so in order to keep it out of the…

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