Paint absorber

Triad GypDry is YOUR SOLUTION to safely disposing of unwanted latex paints.  To dispose of latex paint, remove canister’s like, add GypDry and let it dry and place in the trash.  Make sure the lid is off so the sanitation worker can see that it is empty.  So don’t continue to store old, near empty paint cans when you can safely dispose of them using Triad’s GypDry.

If you have latex paint cans that are ½ to near full, you can donate these to Habitat to Humanity “RESTORE”.  This donations are mixed with similar colors into full gallons and sold in RESTORE outlets for others to use.  Naturally this is preferred if the paint is good and you don’t want it…..let someone else use it!

So if you have some old dusty paint cans and you would like to safely dispose of them, just pick-up a package of GypDry at Triad Recycling.