Mattress Recycling

Mattress Recycling

Triad Recycling and Energy is providing the first Mattress Recycling service in New York State serving Southern Ontario, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester, Jamestown, Syracuse, Binghampton, Elmira, Watertown, Utica, Troy, Albany, New York City, Erie PA, St. Catherines, Hamilton and Toronto ON. We have the ability to recycle mattresses from anywhere in North America.
Our customers are businesses and institutions with large quantities of end-of-life mattresses - hotels, retailers, universities, hospitals and nursing homes, and municipalities. Until now, our customers have generally had two options when disposing of their old mattresses: either sending them to waste facilities or to mattress renovators, who often resell used mattresses without properly sanitizing them. Neither option is acceptable for environmental and sanitary reasons. Triad Recycling and Energy provides the ideal solution by collecting mattresses and recycling the individual components to the greatest extent possible.

Seamless Integration

Working with Triad is easy. We coordinate collection with our customers and their suppliers, so that mattresses are removed at convenient times and frequencies.


Mattresses arrive at our warehouse in Tonawanda NY, where our employees unload them, manually disassemble each unit, and segregate the recyclable materials. This simple process only takes about fifteen minutes per mattress and is currently the most economically and environmentally efficient way to recycle mattresses. Finally, the materials are sold or in some cases given to recyclers who use them in new products.


Triad helps people in the Western New York Metro Area take responsibility for an important part of our waste stream. We all spend approximately 1/3 of our lives on a mattress so we should at least try to show it some respect when we are done with it. Triad connects people to the complete life cycle of a product by ensuring responsibility from beginning to end. You will feel great working with Triad because disposing of your mattress with us creates green collar jobs in the community for people who truly need them. Also, disposing of the mattress locally saves emissions from trucking containerized waste to out-of-state landfills, which helps protect our local environment.

Conserving Resources

Mattress recycling conserves resources. Simply recycling 25% of mattresses and box springs annually disposed of in the US would conserve:

103,537 tons of steel, 37,500 tons of polyurethane foam, 55,013 tons of wood, 1,183 million square feet of ticking, 335 million square feet of batting, 18,208,000 cubic yards of landfill space, assuming a 66% compression rate. Every ton of steel recycled saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone. Each year, steel recycling saves the energy equivalent to electrically power about one-fifth of the households in the United States (or about 18 million homes) for one year.

Preventing Unsanitary Mattress Resale

Rest assured, Triad Recycling and Energy guarantees that your mattress will never be resold or reused as a mattress. Mattress renovation and reuse is unsanitary and can have severe health consequences. This practice also contributes to the spread of unfriendly critters that everyone shudders at the mention of: bed bugs.

People Want to Recycle their Mattresses

Over 65% of consumers said that they are strongly against throwing mattresses into landfills and 81% said that they would select one retailer over another because of mattress recycling in a survey conducted by SOL Inc. It is simple - people don't like the idea of throwing mattresses away or reusing mattresses and neither do we.

We are conveniently located on River Road in Tonawanda, between Sheridan Drive and the Grand Island Bridge. We offer easy access for all types of trucks and trailers, shorter wait times, competitive prices and friendly service.