Triad Recycling and Energy

Triad Recycling & Energy opened its doors in Tonawanda, NY in 2011. Dump your construction waste, trash, garbage, junk, and scrap at Triad Recycling, located 20 minutes from Buffalo, NY. Recycle your waste and save on disposal costs; we specialize in the recycling of construction & demolition debris and waste management recycling in the Western New York, Buffalo areas. We serve New York, especially the greater Buffalo area in WNY from Niagara Falls to Jamestown to Rochester as well as Southern Ontario and Erie PA.

Triad guys

Welcome to Triad Recycling!

Monday – Friday 7am – 3:30pm

C&D - $97/ton

$97 minimum charge

*We do not accept hazardous waste, asbestos, liquids, paint or dirt.*

Directions: As you arrive to the property, turn left down the unmarked road with a grey stone garage at the corner. Take the first left on the stone road; you will see a sign that directs all visitors and trucks to report to the scale house. Park at the front of the scale house with the other vehicles or form a line for the scale. The office is located inside the scale house. (See blog post for picture references).