Where Are We?

We are located at 3755 River road in Tonawanda New York.

The Triad office can be a little difficult to find if you have never been here before.  We are on a large property that we share with our partner Guard Contracting.  Triad’s office is in the scale house behind Guard’s office.

As you drive down River road the first sign you will see is our wind turbine.IMG_20170801_083349751

There are a few entrances to our property, but only one that is convenient for visitors.IMG_20170808_093843527

You will see a grey stone garage at the corner of an unmarked street which is still river road.  IMG_20170808_093702519

There are signs for several other businesses at the corner.  Turn down that road towards the turbine.IMG_20170808_093607562_HDR

Take the first left past the garage onto the stone road that goes by the wind turbine and has a sign directing Visitors and all trucks to report to the scale house.

Use caution as you drive around the side of the buildings until you approach the scale.IMG_20170808_093013176

Park in front of the scale house with the other vehicles.IMG_20170808_093954683_TOP

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