What is LEED?images

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  Buildings that are LEED Certified are energy efficient, sustainable, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Once a building is LEED Certified, it is given one of four ratings; Certified, Silver, Gold, or Platinum.  These buildings are revolutionizing the way we think of construction projects.  It gives contractors incentive to strive to be as green and sustainable as possible. For more information on LEED visit the official U.S. website.

Triad and LEED

In order to become certified, LEED buildings not only have to be sustainably standing, but also needs to be sustainably built.  This means that as much of the construction waste accumulated as possible while building must be reused or recycled. Triad provides dumpsters for companies working on LEED buildings so they will be brought back for recycling instead of going straight to a landfill. We have done this for the University at Buffalo, Buffalo State, First Niagara Corporate Office, and many other companies/schools in the area.  In addition to taking the waste, Triad will also compile monthly reports for your business to submit in order to obtain a certification.

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