Triad’s Wind Power

About Wind Power

Wind power works by harnessing the Earth’s natural blowing wind and turning it into energy. When the wind catches a turbine’s blades and forces it to spin, it turns a rotor inside the top of the turbine. The rotor is connected to a main shaft inside which spins a generator.  Finally, once this generator is spinning, it turns the kinetic energy coming in to electric energy.

How does Triad Claim the Energy?

As your wind turbine generates energy, it goes into the grid to provide for all the surrounding areas. Although your energy is not directly supplying for your property, your electric provider will then reimburse you for all the energy you put out. This allows for properties to pay virtually nothing for their electric bills.

Triad’s Turbines

Triad currently has a wind turbine that has been up and running since April 2017.  This turbine has produced 123,111 kWh so far since April.  This is enough energy to supply almost everything currently in place at Triad, allowing us to be self-sufficient when it comes to energy.  However, with the expansion currently in place, more power will be needed in the coming years at Triad. To suffice for this, another turbine is in the process of being built which should be up and running by the beginning of September. For daily updates on the progress of this turbine, visit our Facebook page.


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