Zero Landfill Consulting

What is Zero Landfill?

Zero Landfill is not the same as Zero Waste. Zero Landfill applies to companies who achieve a landfill waste diversion of 100%.  This means that the company does not send any of their waste products directly to the landfill.  This allows for recycling companies like Triad Recycling to take much of the waste from these companies and come up with innovative ways to reuse it.  This is a step in the right direction when aiming to become a Zero Waste company.

Triad and Zero Landfill

Since Triad is a recycling company, we help consult and apply zero landfill to multiple companies in the area, one example is DuPont.  We take their excess Corian, wood, PVA, and other items and find a way to use them or re-home them to companies who can. Along with handling their recycled products, we also advocate reduction at the source. If you reduce the amount of waste created from the beginning, it will help save money and time in the end.  Videos give more information on what products we take from DuPont, and what we do with them.

Can any Company Become Zero Landfill?

Becoming zero landfill is not that difficult, and can be achieved by any company no matter what the size.  Doing research on your own can help find places in your area that will take your waste and what they can do to recycle or reuse it. If you have any questions though, feel free to stop by Triad for some expert advice and consulting on how to reach this level of sustainability.

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