Wood Recycling – Buffalo

Wood recyclingWood Recycling Buffalo

Did you know that about 32% of all construction and demolition waste (C&D) is wood? This is a lot of wood that accumulates around the world whenever a project is underway.  With our forests and rain forests being slowly depleted, we want to make sure we can save as much of this wood as possible, and reduce waste. Here at Triad we are able to almost completely reuse all of the wood that is brought to us from C&D projects.

What Happens to the Wood I Bring to Triad?

When trucks bring wood to Triad Recycling, it gets sorted and then moves over and through our wood grinder.  The grinder removes any nails or screws in the wood and grinds it down to wood chips. After it is ground, it is loaded into a truck and taken away from Triad.

Where Does the Recycled Wood Go?

This ground wood is taken to a company called Green Renewable in Rochester.  Green Renewable is a sustainable company that specializes in re-using common materials, not just limited to wood.  At Green Renewables the wood is then dyed and packaged and sold to companies as mulch.  This mulch can be bought at common stores like Lowes and Home Depot.  This is exciting because the wood you may have brought as waste could be in the mulch you buy to add to your flourishing landscaping project.


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