Dumpster Rentals – Buffalo

Dumpster Rentals Buffalo

Triad Recycling is partnered with a construction and contracting company called Guard Companies.  Guard is located in Tonawanda, NY directly next to Triad Recycling.  Guard trucks collect waste from big and small projects, and bring them to Triad to be sorted and recycled.  Their dumpsters can be rented by companies or individuals, and will be picked up by a Guard truck driver once the job is done.  Visit the Guard Companies website for more details on dumpster renting.

Is All of the Waste Recycled?

All of Guard’s dumpsters dump at Triad Recycling.  With that being said, as much of the waste is recycled as possible. Visit the Triad Recycling homepage to learn more about this.

Don’t Trucks Run on Diesel?

Guard Truck

Guard trucks do not run on diesel like most trucks do.  These trucks are special because they run on natural gas, which is a clean alternative.  Trucks that run on natural gas emit 27% fewer CO2 emissions than trucks that run on diesel.  Not only are you reducing truck emissions, natural gas also increases the efficiency of the truck as well, allowing them to drive more miles per gallon.  If you rent a dumpster from Guard, you will be helping the environment in more ways than you think.

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