Sinks, Toilets, and Bathtub Recycling

What to do with my Sink, Toilet, or Bathtub?

One common customer we get is someone with a whole bathroom clean out. Here at Triad Recycling we take almost everything you are trying to get rid of.  We will take old sinks, tile, doors, toilets, bathtubs, and even furniture.  Although we may not be able to find a direct way to recycle them, if the item is in decent shape, we give them to our friends at Restore.

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What does Restore Do?

Restore takes used furniture items and sells them for low prices to people in the Buffalo area.  This allows making renovations to a home more affordable for those who need it.  With Triad Recycling able to give many donations to Restore, it helps business for Restore.

What Should I do With These Items?

With millions of people throwing valuable furniture to the curb daily, you can help change the lives of others by bringing us your unwanted items in a load of debris.  If you bring a dumpster into Triad with any of these items included, we will pull them from your pile and then bring them to a Restore in the area; there is no need to separate them yourself.  If you don’t have a full load of just one of these items alone, feel free to bring them by our Scale House in Tonawanda, NY.

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