Oil Absorbent Material

Oil Absorbent Material

At Triad Recycling and Energy we are now manufacturing an Oil Absorbent Material named GypDry. Compared to other brands GypDry is a cleaner, more environmentally friendly oil absorbent that is made out of 100% recycled Gypsum Drywall. Painted drywall can not be recycled so in order to keep it out of the landfill Triad Recycling and Energy has found a way to repurpose it.

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How to Use Oil Absorbent

Triad’s Oil Absorbent Material, GypDry, is fast and easy to use! It only takes three quick and easy steps. Pour the oil absorbent on the spill, sweep until dry, and dispose. Here is a video that shows exactly how GypDry works. Triad’s oil absorbent material is considered non hazardous and can be disposed of easily in a solid waste landfill.

How Oil Absorbent Material is Created

In the summer time, Triad Recycling and Energy receives a countless supply of drywall that needs to be recycled. Some drywall does not have paint on it and can be reused as animal bedding for livestock. Most drywall does have paint on it and can not be reused because it is hazardous to the animals. For awhile, the painted drywall was just being sent to the landfill, but Triad Recycling was able to create GypDry that keeps the drywall out of the landfill. If you are interested in this product, please contact Triad by visiting our contact page.

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