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C&D Recycling

Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling Our facility is primarily dedicated to the recovery of construction and demolition debris. Both mechanical and manual separation techniques are used that result in a wide variety of materials being sent to end markets. Triad is continually committed to exploring new markets and opportunities for additional recovery and recycling of…

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Sinks, Toilets, and Bathtubs

Sinks, Toilets, and Bathtubs Triad Recycling and Energy Corporation is proud to be a leader in New York State’s sink, toilet, and bathtub recycling efforts. For a low cost, your bathroom fixtures can be completely recycled into local markets. Porcelain sinks, toilets, and bathtubs are ground up and used in road sub-base, and metal fixtures…

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Unloading Instructions

What to Expect: Pull onto the scale to get the initial weight of the truck and load. Come into the scale house and tell us what material is in your load. Drive back to where we direct you and unload outside. Pull back onto the scale for end weight of only the truck. Pay for the load…

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Anaerobic digester

Anaerobic Digester Triad Recycling can coordinate recycling organic materials with our sister company using an anaerobic digester.  This is a great solution to unwanted or spoiled food items from restaurants, hotels, university and industrial sources.  The digester recycles tons of food waste, organic materials and animal manure in a safe, environmental manner.   For example,…

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Guard Companies Dumpster Rental and Demolition Contractors   Guard Contracting Corporation and Guard Construction & Contracting has serviced residential, commercial, and industrial demolition and waste removal projects in Buffalo and WNY for over 15 years. Dumpster Rental – Guard Contracting offers Buffalo and WNY’s fastest and most dependable roll off dumpster rental service. Whether it’s…

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Gyp Dry

Gyp Dry The Eco-Friendly Absorbent Works great on oil, hydraulic fluid and other on-the-job spills! Absorbs up to 4x more than popular clay-based products. Made from 100% recycled materials. Major Product Uses: Oil Absorbent Anti Freeze Absorbent Diesel Fuel Absorbent Triad GypDry is excellent for cleaning up spills of engine oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, brake…

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Zero Landfill

Zero Landfill Consulting and Recycling Service Triad can help your company go Zero Landfill! We will work with you to develop a plan that will keep all of your company’s waste out of the landfill. Partnership examples DuPont Building Innovations Achieves Zero Landfill DuPont Building Innovations Achieves Zero Landfill Status

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LEED Project Recycling   Triad offers full-service hauling, recycling and reporting for your LEED project. We can provide you with dumpsters on-site, sort your comingled loads and provide you with a monthly summary report.  Triad has provided LEED recycling for the Canisius College Science Building, University of Buffalo CRTC, Buffalo State College Houston Gym, First…

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Wood Mulch

Wood Mulch We sell both ground wood and gypsum for wood mulch. All of our ground wood is unpainted and untreated, and the gypsum drywall comes to us as unpainted scrap from new builds. Customers are able to purchase wood, gypsum or a mixture of the two by the yard. Our mulch is processed and…

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Construction Materials

Construction Materials Triad strives for the highest value recycling including repurposing good materials.  Frequently we will cull pallets, full sheets of plywood, full sheets of foam insulation, new roofing nails and stack of 2×4’s.  These materials are offered for sale at very reasonable prices.  This saves cutting new trees, producing new materials and is the…

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